Join ISIS, Young Women Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison in Iraq

An Iraqi court sentenced a six-year jail sentence against a young German girl. The 17-year-old boy was convicted of being a member of the radical group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

An Iraqi judicial source told AFP on Tuesday (20/2/2018) that the German teenager was sentenced to five years in prison for being a member of ISIS and sentenced to one year in prison for illegally entering Iraqi territory . The teen's identity was not released to the public.

On January 21, a German woman of Moroccan descent was sentenced to death by an Iraqi court. The woman was found guilty of indictment of providing 'logistical support and assisting terrorist groups to commit crimes'.

The two Germans were among the hundreds of alleged ISIS foreigners detained by Iraqi authorities. In December 2017, Iraqi authorities declared victory over ISIS after three years of fighting.

German media reports identified the dead German woman as Lamia K. He reportedly left Mannheim in August 2014 and captured Iraqi military forces in Mosul in the final stages in July 2017.

In addition to the two men who have been convicted, there are still two other German women detained in Iraq. One of them is a teenager named Linda W who disappeared from his home in Saxony in 2016. When meeting with German journalists in Baghdad last year, Lindi claimed to regret his actions and wanted to go home to his family.

In a separate case, an alleged French militant who has been convicted seven months in prison for illegally entering Iraq, ordered to be released and deported.

Later on Sunday (18/2) local time, a Turkish woman was sentenced to death for joining ISIS. The other 11 foreign women, who are the widows of the dead militants, were sentenced to life imprisonment on the same indictment.

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Malaysian Women Killed Tighten After Rushing the Traffic Flow

Kuala Lumpur
A woman in Malaysia died after a desperate drive his car against the flow of traffic. The car driven by this woman collided with another car.

Reported by the Malaysian news agency, Named as reported by Channel News Asia Monday (12/2/2018), an accident occurred when a woman named Sim Lee Peng (36) drove his car , Proton Wira, on the street linking Kota Tinggi with Johor Baru.

He drives his car on an unnecessary line or against the current. Shortly thereafter, the woman's car collided with another car that drove from the opposite direction.

Sim Lee Peng suffered severe and nahas wounds, he eventually died at the scene. The incident occurred on Saturday (10/2) at around 08:45 local time.

Photo from the scene posted Named shows a charred car after being burned in the middle of the street, while one other car in reverse condition and badly wrecked in the front also the roof.

Chief of Kota Kota District High Police , Inspector Ahsmon Bajah called other car drivers colliding with Sim Lee Peng car now undergoing hospital treatment. The driver identified as Fred Son Edin was reportedly seriously injured.

The accident was being investigated further by the local police.

(nvc / bpn)

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Oxford Professor Arrested For Two Women Rape Rape

 A University of Oxford professor, Tariq Ramadan, has been arrested for interrogation by police in Paris, France. The detention of prominent Islamic academics was conducted after two women reported themselves on charges of rape.

"This is part of an initial investigation in Paris on charges of rape and assault," the law source told AFP Thursday (1/2/2018).

The 55-year-old man was arrested since Wednesday (31/1) local time and still languishing in prison on Thursday (1/2) local time.

Previously, Ramadan, the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt, Hassan al-Banna, has strongly denied the allegations of two women who claimed to be raped in hotel rooms in France in 2009 and 2012.

The Swiss professor claimed he was the target of a "slanderous campaign clearly behind his old enemies."

In October 2017, Henda Ayari, a feminist activist, accused Ramadan of raping her in a hotel room in 2012. She had called the rape in a book published in 2016, but he did not name Ramadan for threats.

But then Ayari decided to name Ramadan after the scandal of a leading US film producer, Harvey Weinstein suffered many allegations of sexual abuse and rape.

The second woman who confessed to being raped by Ramadan was a woman enabling him to rape her in a hotel room in the French city of Lyon in 2009. Four Swiss women also accused Prof Ramadan of trying and having sex with them as a teenager.

Ramadan who became Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies in Oxford, England has been ordered by the university to take time off after the allegations of rape came up.
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French Women Himalayan Climber Found Alive

A French woman has been found alive at the top of the steep northern Himalayan mountains known as the "Killer Mountains," but SAR officers have not been able to locate Polish friends of her climbers.

The couple, Tomasz Mackiewicz of Poland, and Elisabeth Revol of France, is trying to climb Nanga Parbat as high as 8,126 meters. But they were hampered at 7,400 meters and using satellite phones for help, the organizer of the expedition said.

A team of elite Polish climbers who were making their first winter climb in the nearby K2 mountains were forced to cancel their efforts so they could help the two

The Pakistani military transported through the air of the 4-member Polish team to Nanga Parbat.

"Elisabeth Revol Found" was written on the team's Facebook page Sunday morning. Revol is reported to be suffering from frostbite. [gp]

Pakistani Women Activists Reject Accusations of Religious Casting

Women activist Pakistan, Gulalai Ismail, records history by suing people who accuse her of violating the blasphemy laws.

Gulalai, founder of Pakistan-based Sadar NGO Sadar, is accused of insulting Islam. He denied the allegations.

Hamza Khan, 23, a student from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province launched a social media campaign accusing Gulalai of insulting Islam and Pashtun culture. It seems that Khan is not happy with Gulalai's role as an activist.

Khan, who proclaimed himself as chairman of the Mardan Youth Parliament, uploaded a 12-minute video on his Facebook account page on November 20, 2017. In the video, he called for people to gang up Gulalai (19659003) Concerned about his safety, Gulalai filed a lawsuit against Khan on November 21, which resulted in Khan being detained this week after a Peshawar court declared Khan worthy of trial.

Pakistani authorities intervened and uprooted a video where Khan sounded said that Gulalai must be "finished off" to safeguard Islam.

The judge rejected Khan's request to be released on bail. [ds/sp]