NDDL: the ministers in Matignon, the zadistes in plantation

Truck picking milk, planting turnips in a collective garden: on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, "the life continues" for its occupants in the process of regularization, in the expectation Wednesday of a government arbitration on the resumption or not of the expulsion operations

"We are suspended from the decision, we wait inevitably But if we had to stop every time there is a threat of expulsion, we would never do anything here, "says Tyfanie, her rake removing straw in the collective garden of" Rouge et Noir ". Located near the former "Chicane Road", the field supplies vegetables to the "non-market" of the ZAD, where everything is freely priced.

Like every Wednesday, a collective building site is open to anyone wishing to give a hand, and it is not the summit meeting in Matignon, to take stock of "the process of returning to the State of right "in Notre-Dame-des-Landes around the Prime Minister Édouard Philippe, who will upset the field work.

"Finally, we only missed one week, at the beginning of the eviction operations, it was a bit of a hassle lately, we had to water one evening with the gas masks, and this weekend we had end it took us 12 hours to bring two trailers of manure because the cops blocked the road, "said one of the members of the collective garden, one of the agricultural projects filed in the prefecture and under investigation by the State services .

"I'm not very positive, I have the impression that in the government, they do not agree with each other and get confused as much as we," said the young woman. "Until they decide, we plant turnips, we continue as we have always done, we do not have much choice, we do not want to leave the field in ruins, even if there is no longer the week next, "she adds.

– "Sailing on Sight" –

At the western end of the ZAD, in Saint-Jean-du-Tertre, a smell of toast greets the truck of the slag. "Prevented" from passing twice since the beginning of gendarmerie operations, he now knows the "secret way" to access this squatted farm since April 2014 to hinder its destruction.

"We had to throw 750 liters of milk into the hay and I hope that in the coming days we will not have barricades on the roads again," says Willem Doedens, 30, son of farmer and one of the first zadistes to have joined the agricultural social mutual (MSA), in January 2016.

The agricultural project of this organic dairy farmer may be "a reality" and seems to have caught the attention authorities, he has "no guarantee" of being able to sustain his activity.

"We are told to deposit viable projects, but we can not build viable projects in precariousness.We sail by sight, we do not know what we will have as parcellaire, what we can identify as income, "sighs the young man, cap screwed on his head and boots on his feet.

Squatting 36 hectares of land, he hopes to eventually have the double, to work in rotation with a peasant-baker of the ZAD, and "make live three people". "But we are in conflict on the majority of plots with farmers who have been compensated and who sign precarious occupancy agreements, so it is not resolved at all," says Willem.

The same question arises as to the house he occupies without right or title with his partner and his eighteen-month-old son, from which he can not imagine leaving. "Since the time they (the gendarmes) are there, at the price that it costs, the State would have had the means to pay us all farms outside to make us leave if that was the will" slips the dairy farmer, smiling.

Like many zadists, he claims to the government "time". "Regularization means being able to work calmly, to train, to acquire technical and economic bases, it's not done in a fortnight," says Willem.

NDDL: Hulot will chair the meeting in Nantes between the prefect and the zadistes

The Minister of Ecological Transition Nicolas Hulot will preside Wednesday afternoon in Nantes the meeting between the prefect of the Pays de la Loire and a delegation of occupants of the ZAD Notre-Dame-des-Landes, announced the prefecture .

This meeting, scheduled to begin at 2.30 pm in the prefecture, aims to find a way out of the conflict, after ten days of gendarmerie operations on the site and clashes between opponents of the former airport project and forces of order.

The authorities gave the zadistes until April 23 to regularize, through a simplified form having no legal value but allowing the state to know the names of people wishing to "enter the rules" and the outline of their agricultural or para-agricultural project, recalled the regional prefect, Nicole Klein.

This resumption of the dialogue, proposed by the prefect herself last Friday, was accepted at the beginning of the week by the occupants of the 1,650-hectare site.

The head of state Emmanuel Macron said Sunday night that "at the end" of the deadline of April 23, if the Zadists had not declared their agricultural projects, "all that must be evacuated will be evacuated ".

Twenty-nine squats were destroyed in the early days of eviction operations. Police on Wednesday, on the tenth day of gendarmerie operations zone, clearing operations on two roads crossing the ZAD, including barricades erected each night by the zadistes, according to a source close to the file.

Nicolas Hulot must also meet representatives of the agricultural world of the department and local elected officials of the territory, according to the prefecture.

A press point will be held at 16H30 in the prefecture at the end of the meeting with the delegation of opponents.

NDDL: seven days before the end of a new deadline, zadistes remain inflexible

"It's not a hand, it's a stick that is handed to us": one week before the expiry of the new deadline given to the occupants of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes for to regularize, the Zadists remained inflexible, always favoring the collective way.

The week promises decisive yet: the illegal occupants of this territory of 1.650 hectares must declare their agricultural projects by next Monday and thus to initiate a process of regularization ".

Otherwise," at the end of this time all that needs to be evacuated will be evacuated, "head of state Emmanuel Macron assailed Sunday evening.

" Time is running out ", said the prefect of the Pays de la Loire, Nicole Klein. She told AFP that she had suggested to the delegation of the opponents of the former airport project to "come to see her" in the week, an invitation that had remained unanswered.

A meeting was held going on in the afternoon on the ZAD to try to clear a common position to this request for appointments, according to several occupants.

"We are discussing it on the territory, but in any case the context does not lend itself to it," explains one of them, using the generic name "Camille".

Presented by the authorities as a "tense hand", this additional delay is perceived on the site as "a stick", while gendarmerie operations continued for the eighth day in a row.

"With this ultimatum in the police presence, we are still not in a situation of negotiation, but in an injunction position," laments Marcel Thébault, a "historic" farmer, installed since 1999 in the west of the ZAD.

– "Exit Door" –

"You can not decently negotiate with a weapon on the temple, with a military occupation.This is not a framework for negotiations," insists Camille.

"I wake up every morning with grenades around the caravan and we are in a climate that is not at all serene to find an exit door that would be suitable for both parties," adds Lucas, installed as a brewer at the locality "Les Fosses noires", at the heart of the clashes with the police for a week.

On the ZAD, the young man is an exception: he is one of the few zadistes to have declared his agricultural activity to the agricultural social mutuality (MSA), before the abandonment of the airport project. However, he rejects the requests for individual adjustments.

It is not a matter of declaring an individual precarious lease, according to the prefect Nicole Klein, but of filling out a simplified form proving "the good will to enter into the rules of law". This declaration of intent must include the identity of the project leader, an address, a telephone number, any diplomas or professional experience, as well as a brief presentation of the project and the parcels concerned, according to a copy received by the AFP.

"We remain open to negotiations, but what the prefect is proposing is just a re-make-up of proposals already made: we have not done it, we have done it, by sending a proposal for a collective agreement, but she swept it away with the back of her hand ", regrets Lucas.

"All the activities here are interdependent, which is why we are asking for a collective project and if this request is not received it is a complete incomprehension on the part of the State of this what is this territory ", abounds" Camille ".

For the Cédpa, a group of politicians opposed to the former airport project, who "withdrew" from the inter-component delegation, the authorities' additional delay is "a reasonable outcome" to " the gear of violence put in place for a week. "

" By April 23, some are able to sign a piece of paper saying my name is + Machin +.It's very simple. doing so would be a waste, "said Françoise Verchère, co-chair of the Cédpa.

The Acipa, a historical association of opponents of the airport, judges for its part this additional delay "too short, in the current climate" and invites a return of the dialogue between the prefecture and the occupants.

NDDL: the "100 names", the evacuation of the zadistes from the roof of a shed

The gendarmes bring down zadistes one by one from the roof of a shed, at a place called the "100 names" on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes: they had come to protest against the expulsion of a place where unreported agricultural projects were conducted, AFP noted.

"Attention, bad sheep", could you read on a large banner installed on a wooden chalet and straw of this locality, on the south-eastern edge of the ZAD, near the former road In the nearby shed that was used as shelter for the sheep, dozens of Zadists opposed the police, about a dozen of whom were climbed on the roof. Some threw mud on the gendarmes.

Activists formed a human chain around the building before being pushed back into a field by the gendarmes, who fired tear gas canisters. "The +100 + names will stay", shouted the zadistes.

In total, eight people, five men and three women, who lived on the spot since 2013 and carried out projects that they had not declared to the Mutualité sociale agricultural (MSA), were expelled.

"We gave them 10 minutes to leave," said a zadiste AFP.

At a press conference Monday morning, the prefect of the region Pays de la Loire Nicole Klein had assured that people who had submitted agricultural projects or who planned to do so would not be targeted by the expulsions.

"The agricultural project (of 100-names") is not completely obvious . But it is especially the proximity of the road (D281, NDLR) "which justifies this dismantling," explained Mrs. Klein by phone to AFP.

A food garden and a sheepfold were developed on this site with donkeys and sheep. A peanut farmer, who runs his business in another hamlet of the grove, lived on the spot caring for the sheepfold.

Among the people who came to support the occupants, retirees wore signs "Stop Violence", "Patience and reason "or even" Place to dialogue. "

Françoise, who came from Saint-Nazaire, stayed until the last moment on the balcony of the chalet. "I wanted to defend the house and its life projects, it is an alternative to a life that is consistent and sterile, they are rewarding and attractive projects," she says.

The sexagenarian, short gray hair, who has "energy to spare and causes to defend", goes to other homes threatened with eviction. "We must avoid the massacre.All will be shaved if not," she questions.

– "Creativity" –

 Gendarmes evacuate militants protesting against their expulsion from the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des- Landes April 9, 2018 (AFP - LOIC VENANCE)

Gendarmes evacuate militants protesting against their expulsion from the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes April 9, 2018 (AFP – LOIC VENANCE)

An occupant who is called "Camille", 34 years old, short hair and fine beard, lives with "100 names" since 2013. Former teacher in BTS, he participated in the construction of the cottage, destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 2014. [19659002] "One of the things that brought me here is a grave and profound concern for the future, for the situation of our children, because of climate change," he said. AFP

"Camille" did not register for agricultural social security. "I grow leeks that I do not sell, I do not earn income from my farming activity, it's not the goal," he explained.

"Here we have a territorial project There is creativity, new ways of organizing, an economy not based on the trading system but on exchange and sharing. "

Guillaume, who also lives on place, oscillates between emotion and anger: "They say defend the rule of law but we did not even see the order of expulsion of the usher". "We declared ourselves five years ago, we are identified, we have a mailbox, the mailman passes, we had a growing herd, we just needed time to develop the infrastructure," says the young man. man, who intends "to come to rebuild".



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NDDL: vigil of weapon for zadistes and police of the order before the evictions

Helicopter flights and patrols on one side, calls for reinforcements and rallies on the other: gendarmes and zadistes sharpen their preparations this weekend before the expulsion operation of the occupants of the ZAD of Notre- Dame-des-Landes, announced as imminent, nearly three months after the abandonment of the airport project.

"It's calm before the storm," sums up Lucas, a "militant brewer" installed in the heart of the occupied area, which covers 1,650 hectares. But, "the stress begins to rise" because "we know they will put the package."

The operation, scheduled for the beginning of the week, must mobilize over several days twenty-five squadrons mobile gendarmerie, or about 2,500 soldiers. It plans to expel all those who have not regularized their situation, for example by declaring new individual agricultural projects.

Almost all the estimated 250 zadists on the spot did not do so, preferring collective management the territory and the possibility of conducting non-agricultural projects.

"All those who do not fall within the framework of the legality will have to leave the grounds quickly", repeated Sunday the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, in an interview

For its part, Acipa, the main association of opponents of the former airport project, called on the state "not to start the process of expulsions and violence" and to privilege "the dialogue".

 Notre-Dame-of-Landes (AFP - Simon MALFATTO)

Notre-Dame-of-Landes (AFP – Simon MALFATTO)

If the ZAD is not yet surrounded by law enforcement, several vehicles patrolled disc throughout the weekend in the surrounding communities, to prevent any introduction of fuel, hazardous materials or objects that can be used as weapons.

Helicopters also fly over the area, a usual scenario for several weeks. [19659002] It is a "flexible" device, "without checkpoints or fixed station", explains to AFP a source close to the file, considering that there is, for the moment, "no need to show us more "

The emblematic artery of the occupied zone, the" ex-chicane route ", cleared of its various obstacles and rehabilitated after the announcement of the abandonment of the airport, remained however, under close surveillance and closed to traffic

– "Return and rebuild" –

Opposites, the occupants have already warned: they will lead a "physical and determined resistance".

Hard to know for now the form it will take but "there will surely be a game of cat and mouse", anticipates a zadiste. Another evokes the preparation of molotov cocktails.

Two large gatherings are scheduled as early as 4:00 am Monday, followed by a distribution on the various points of blockage.

 Notre-Dame-des-Landes (AFP - Paul DEFOSSEUX)

Notre-Dame-des -Landes (AFP – Paul DEFOSSEUX)

Barricades, sit-ins, supplies in care and food: "everyone will find his way to join the fight", explains to AFP "Camille", the common pseudonym of occupants of the ZAD.

Calls for reinforcements were launched … and heard: more cars and occupants were circulating in the area on Sunday. "People have come from everywhere not to leave us alone in front of the police and backhoe loaders," says Camille.

Just like everyday life on the ZAD, each district will organize its resistance. "There is not a general, nor a command post, it is in autonomy", continues the zadiste.

He dreams, like many, of a reissue of the fiasco of the "operation César", the name of the previous attempt to evacuate the site, launched in the fall of 2012 by the government of Jean-Marc Ayrault, ardent defender of the airport project.

"This is not the same fight. we will have all the supports? ", nuances another zadiste, in reference to the tensions which would take place between legitimist and radical occupants.

"Everything is wrong, all together, we ate in the same bowl, we can not abandon each other," swears his neighbor.

Farmers will be "on the spot with tractors" , announces Vincent Delabouglise, member of Copains 44, collective of agricultural organizations. "The government comes to set fire on a territory where things began to subside," he sighs, saying "fear the worst."

"There will be arrested people, destroyed homes. ZAD is not going to be razed, people will come back and rebuild, "warns Camille

In parallel, the occupiers are fighting on the legal ground.

In a letter sent on Saturday to Édouard Philippe, their lawyers denounced unlawful expulsion procedures because they carried out "in defiance of the rights (…) guaranteed by the code of the civil procedures of execution and, more generally, of Right wing state". In the case of deportation, they announced their intention to bring appeals to convict the state.