The Indian army is interested in constructions without heating

The Indian Army must insure heated homes for its troops stationed in Ladakh. However, these barracks are located on isolated mountains, making it difficult to transport hydrocarbons regularly, and far from any electrical network, explains the information platform India Climate Dialogue . The inventor, entrepreneur and teacher Sonam Wangchuk awarded for his buildings with very low heat loss was asked to solve this problem. Condemned to live for months in autarky and save on heating, the Indian army could adopt passive eco-constructions, adopting a "virtuous" environmental conduct.

Few people still know it, but the Melioidosis kills more than dengue fever or malaria in Southeast Asia. The bacillus responsible for this infectious disease was discovered at the beginning of the twentieth e century in Burma. But it remains unknown to doctors who diagnose difficulty with difficulty. The bacillus present in the soil or air causes different symptoms from one patient to another: respiratory infections, fevers, abscesses, septicemia. In 2016, finally appears the first study identifying the number of cases in the world between 1910 and 2014. The Thai researcher Direk Limmathurotsakul, signatory of it, tells the popular science magazine Mosaic his concern about the prevalence figures of the disease: melioidosis was underestimated during all these years. And with the climatic changes, the disease extends far beyond its endemic area, Southeast Asia, to reach South Asia (including Sri Lanka ). Australia, Africa and Brazil

Who is behind Noticias Aguila, Mexico's most popular news aggregator? A Chinese company, whose computer scientists remained based in the technology park of Shenzhen, in southern China. Like the creators of Noticias Aguila, Chinese investors and start-ups are more and more numerous, notes the site of economic information Bloomberg to be interested in the Latin-American market, strong 600 million people. Too cramped in China, they bring a financial windfall and technological know-how to this group of countries that they hope to transform into a new economic eldorado.

International Solar Alliance. The explanations of the business service of Hindu on this coalition of countries that will exchange their know-how in solar energy. The first summit was held in New Delhi and coincided with the official visit of French President Emmanuel Macron. The organization will be based in the Indian capital

Nature under control . Sensors, 3D modeling, mapping and geospatial data, a unique information system for all agents working on green spaces …, GovInsider details Singapore's ambitious plan to monitor and maintain its greenery and reserves marines.

Quinoa controversy. In the middle of the legislative campaign, the Malaysian Prime Minister is criticized by the opposition parties for his taste for quinoa: a commodity 23 times more expensive than local rice according to France24 .

China is she is killing bitcoin? The question is asked by Asialyst . The Middle Kingdom is indeed one of the first countries in the world to want to regulate the frenzy around these virtual currencies, which depend primarily on a cheap resource and controlled by the government: electricity.

Dead rivers. Judicial decisions and the mobilization of citizens have not yet succeeded in curbing the pollution of many Indian rivers, all victims of the country's unbridled urbanization. A report from Yale Environment 360 .

Lahore suffocates . Polluted winters are tough in Lahore, one of Pakistan's most populous cities. But the persistence of particles in the air shows how much the authorities have not yet taken the measure of the urgency to fight against this degradation of the environment, according to the report of Undark . 19659007] Renaissance of jute Several decades ago, it was the only exportable raw material in the country. Today, Bangladesh is hoping to turn it into a versatile and high-environmental-value textile according to the Daily Star .

Salt Solution. The Daily Star pays tribute to Rafiqul Islam, who died last Monday in Dhaka. The physician and researcher had been instrumental in reducing Bangladesh's infant mortality rate by conducting oral rehydration salt clinical trials in the 1970s.

State-of-the-Art Underwater Drones According to Asia Times Qianlong 2 and soon Quianlong 3 are exploring the Indian Ocean floor, much to the chagrin of the Indian authorities, helpless as they are little equipped to occupy these coveted maritime areas.

Offshore Freight Carriers space . For the China it is to approach the equator to benefit from the sling effect of the rotation of the Earth when it will launch its rockets. The test is scheduled for 2018.

Clean up the most polluted river in the world. The Citarium, which waters Indonesia, will be cleaned in seven years, ensures the Indonesian government.

The union is the strength … of the hydrogen car. At Japan an alliance was formed between 10 local companies and the French Air Liquide to develop vehicles and network dense recharging stations.

Clash of Titans. An amazing video of the violent clash between a tiger-bear in a nature reserve in India

Asian Lions. The number of these felines would have increased in Gir National Park in Gujarat State, India as a result of conservation efforts since the 1960s. They belong to one subspecies: Panthera leo persica.

Giant panda giant park . 10 billion yuan to build a National Park for the giant panda, deployed on six mountains across the provinces of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu, in China . [19659024]

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