Trump Calls for Senate to Approve Immigration Bill on Republican Senator's Proposal

American President Donald Trump called on the Senate to support an immigration bill sponsored by Republican senator Charles Grassley, and said the Senate's approval would ratify the "four pillars" of Trump's immigration reform plan.

The bill would consider up to 1.8 million people who arrive in America while still a child and are still illegal, a chance to become a citizen. The bill will also allocate 25 billion dollars for border security, restrict family-based immigration and eliminate visa clearances by preferring a "proprietary" approach.

In a statement issued by the White House on Wednesday, Trump urged senators to deny an "emergency settlement 'and imposed "reasonable immigration reforms for the American people."

The Senate opened the debate on Monday and a vote on the proposal could begin on Wednesday, with Republican Senate Majority Republican Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday hinting at his intention to end the immigration debate by the end of the week and accusing the Democrats of delaying debate in the senate session.

Democratic leader Minority faction leader Charles Schumer objected when McConnell started a debate in the senate on a bill that would crack down on what the "protection cities" not cooperating with the federal government d nature identify and hand over illegal immigrants. [my/ii]

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