UN calls for ceasefire, aid for East Ghouta

Russia objected on Thursday to a draft UN resolution that would impose a 30-day ceasefire in Syria and open a siege in eastern Ghouta City.

At a Security Council meeting held at the request of Moscow, The Great Russia rejects the proposed ceasefire and dispatch of aid, as well as large-scale medical evacuation for that reason is impossible.

Read: UN Secretary General calls for ceasefire in East Ghouta [19659002] "Here what we need is not symbolism, not just a decision, but action taken in accordance with the reality on the ground," Russian Ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia told parliament. "

Nebenzia criticized media coverage of military operations in the beleaguered enclave of eastern Ghouta, as" severe psychosis "and said there was a campaign to tarnish Syria and Russia. As before, he again accused the first responders of a civil society known as the White Helmets as a group close to the terrorists and took part in a campaign to disseminate misinformation. [as/al]

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