US Defends No Decision Sanctions on '210 People Near the Kremlin'

The Trump Administration defended its decision not to immediately impose sanctions on the Russian people mentioned in the report detailing the wealth and political activities of Russian insiders and billionaires.

The report details financial links and politics of Russian politicians and the 96 so-called affluent "oligarchs" under Putin's control.

But the report does not mention the imposition of new sanctions against the Russian government or the people on the list and raises the question of whether Trump is too (19659003) When pressed before the Senate Banking Committee, Finance Minister Steve Mnuchin said the sanctions are being processed.

"Our sanctions require enormous intelligence work." There is an enormous effort to make this report , and that's what we're doing Now we'll use the report as a basis and decide d imana deserves to impose sanctions. So this should not mean that 'we do not impose sanctions on anyone in the report', "Mnuchin said.

In a statement accompanying the release of the report, State Department spokesman Heather Nauert explained there was no plan to immediately impose sanctions on Russia or those mentioned in the document.

Nauert said the report was already detrimental to Russian companies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the report "hostile action," but said Russia chose not to take immediate retaliation .

"What does this action mean? I do not understand. But of course this action is not friendly. This complicates the already difficult Russian-American relationship and is certainly detrimental to international relations as a whole, "Putin said.

The Democrats and many foreign policy analysts question Trump's reluctance to take action against Russia, given the evidence of Russian interference in the selection of Trump which brought him to power. [my/ii]

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