US Wants to Revoke Citizenship 5 Child Sexual Abuse Harassers

The US Department of Justice wants to deprive citizenship that has been granted to five men allegedly lied about allegations of sexual abuse of children during the interview and in their documents.

Two defendants are from Mexico. The other three came from Colombia, Guyana and the Philippines.

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"Those who want to become Americans must respect the law invite us and get citizenship legally and honestly, "said Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday (22/1). "The Justice Department will continue to search for fraudsters and drag them to justice by obtaining orders to deprive citizenship already given to them."

The five men pleaded guilty to allegations of sexually abusing children either before or during their naturalization process, did not disclose the information to immigration officials.

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Four of them are under the supervision of society or in probation or have been ordered to register as a sex offender. The fifth suspect was sentenced to 40 years in California prison.

It is unclear whether they will be forced to return to their home country if their US citizenship is revoked. [as/al]

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