USA: the environment agency pinned again for an expense

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) broke the law by spending more than $ 40,000 on the construction of a soundproof booth for its leader, who has already been criticized for spending deemed excessive, investigators said. Government Monday,

Led by Scott Pruitt, the EPA – the equivalent of a Ministry of the Environment – should have consulted Congress before committing this expense, said the Government Accountability Office (GAO) , a non-partisan organ

"The EPA used its credits in a way specifically prohibited by law," GAO head Thomas Armstrong said in a letter to US officials.

the proscribed effect of spending more than $ 5,000 to furnish, redecorate, or make improvements to the office of an official appointed by the president without informing Congress.

But the agency spent more than $ 43,000 to install a c Soundproof Cabin.

Scott Pruitt has been the EPA Manager since last year. He is in charge of one of the priority missions of the Trump presidency: to dismantle the environmental record of Barack Obama.

Recently, it is under the fire of the critics for expenses considered excessive, like first class trips and guards of the permanent corps, as well as for a very advantageous rent.

The president reaffirmed his support, calling him a "good man" who does "very good job."

Several elected officials called for the dismissal or the resignation of Mr. Pruitt, including three Republicans. Environmental experts say they are trying to weaken the agency he heads.

In a joint statement, Congressman Betty McCollum and Senator Tom Udall, two Democrats, called the Investigators' findings of "latest evidence of the rampant corruption" of the agency under Scott Pruitt.

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