Victims of Hurricanes in Southern Philippines So 9 Killed

The death toll from tropical storms that struck the Philippines has risen to nine, officials said Wednesday, while a crowd of thousands who fled back to their homes after the floods receded.

The civil defense office of Mindano said , flash floods and landslides caused by Tropical Storm Sanba struck the main island in the southern Philippines on Tuesday and killed eight people – twice the number previously reported.

"The floods have generally subsided and now all the streets are passable but still there two people who were declared missing by the flood, "civil defense official Mark Yap told AFP by telephone from Butuan city.

A baby also died on the central island of Leyte after a house was buried in an avalanche, according to the local civil defense office Sanba forced more than 21,000 people, mostly from the east coast of Mindanao, to flee, the office said nan civil in Manila. But Yap says many have returned to their homes.

The archipelago is on average hit by 20 hurricanes or typhoons each year, and some of them have killed people.

The deadliest hurricane record in the country's history is Super Typhoon Haiyan which resulted in more than 7,350 people dead or missing in central Philippines in November 2013. [mg/ab]

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