While the Russian investigation of the FBI continues concerning the presidential, Trump is said … "innocent"

US President Donald Trump assured Saturday that a highly controversial and critical note of the FBI, drafted and published by Congressional Republicans, was clearing him in the Russian investigation, a "hunt for witches "according to him. "The innocent note totally + Trump + in the investigation But the Russian witch hunt continues indefinitely," tweeted the president talking about him in the third person.

"After a year of searching continuously, to NOTHING to find (The accusation of) collusion is dead, "he said, adding that there was also no" hindrance "(to justice). The continuation of the investigation "is a shame for America," concluded Mr. Trump, continuing with these words to question the integrity of the higher echelons of the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Suspected Abuse of Power

The confidential note in question, declassified by the President against the advice of the Federal Police, describes an alleged abuse of power FBI during the tapping of a former member of the Republican campaign team before the election of November 2016.

By allowing the publication of this document, parcel and tendentious according to independent experts, M. Trump has drawn the wrath of the Democratic opposition, which now wields the specter of a constitutional crisis.

(With AFP)

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